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In an attempt to combine passion of running a pest control company based on the core values of INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, and SERVICE; and passion for current military duties, Integritek Pest Control has developed a militarized look and feel.

Military Grade Pest Control

Integritek Pest Control uses Child, Pet and Eco friendly products that have been developed with the intent of maximizing effectiveness and efficiency and Minimizing risk to our environment, Family and Pets.


There are thousands of types of Spiders living in our area. Some such as the Cat Faced Spider and Banana Spiders are beautiful and very beneficial. However there are also several spiders you truly don’t want to have lurking around where you live and sleep! A couple of the spiders that cause a lot of concern are extremely prevalent!


Mice can vector all sorts of disease such as Haunta Virus and even Plague. They can also cause a lot of damage to property, and contaminate food supplies. Mice have teeth that grow continuously. The must constantly chew to keep there teeth worn to a useable length.

Wasps & Bees

Hornets and wasps are drawn to areas with lots of water and wooden structures that are fraying. They chew the wood fibers with saliva to create a paper type product for the construction of their nests. Often they will build their nests in areas you can’t see them until it’s too late.


Integritek Pest control has become one of Idaho’s leading experts in the residential and commercial Pest Control industry. Our attention to detail and dedication to excellence have really set us apart as an Elite Pest Control Company. Over the last eight years we have developed our signature 5 Barrier Pest Control Defense System utilizing patented iCAP™ and VERGE™ Technologies. We realize that the honor of defending your family and home requires the most modern and sophisticated Pest Control Warfare Tactics Technology and Products. We will never cut corners by using second-rate or knockoff products in our war against the hostile pests invading your home, and we will always have the most up-to-date tactics to maximize combat effectiveness while WAGING WAR ON VERMIN

We LOVE Integritek Pest Control! Excellent service from setting up the appointment over the phone to the guy who comes out to take care of the house. Everyone is professional, friendly and courteous (and awesome in answering the questions from my kids too)! Can’t say enough good things about Integritek! Tammi D.

These guys are amazing! Great customer service! Lisa C.

Great company. Great bunch of people to work with. I highly recommend!!! James M.

Excellent company! Timely, spot on service that I will gladly recommend Amanda Beutler

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